Mer Healing Taster Sessions for Children

Mer Healing taster session

Whilst working at SWEP’s Mind Body and Soul Event at Exeter Racecourse over the weekend of 21st & 22nd October 2017 I was asked by a couple of parents if I would be willing to explain to their children what I was doing and perhaps give them a taster session.

This was indeed a privilege, the children were very receptive to the treatment session and enjoyed being ‘tickled’ when feeling the energy from the tuning forks used travel up through their body.  I explained why I used seashells to represent the energy of the water [because we are made up of 70/90% water] and why I used the vibrations from the tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and other sounds [because we are also made up of vibration].  They may not have understood exactly what I was saying but they certainly enjoyed their taster session and were in awe of it.

I thank the parents and the dear little boys who trusted me enough to lay on my therapy bed and receive this wonderful awakening.

This little boy’s father gave permission for me to use his sons picture.

Thank you.