2018 Workshop Criteria


Energy Healing with Seashells and Sound

My workshops are designed to help those of you who feel drawn to the seaside, whether it is for the enjoyment and peace felt when walking the beach and feeling the sand between your toes, paddling in the salt waters or looking for the treasures it has to offer.  If you want to explore  the reasons as to why you feel so drawn to its energy then maybe you should book a place at the workshops I am offering.

These workshops are hands on, which mean you will be working with each other.   We will be working with the energy of the seashells and tuning forks and a few other sound instruments.  An introduction into the energy of a few of the shells will be given before working with and on each other.   We will also be cleansing and balancing our chakra’s, another area many of us ignore, possibly because we do not understand their importance to living a balanced life.

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