Booking Your Mer Healing Treatment

If you would like to experience Healing with a Difference and explore the beautiful sensations that the tuning forks and sea shells infuse your body with, then why not book a treatment now.

I also use Crystal Singing Bowls, Ocean Drum, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tubular Bells and on occasions the Neptune Gong to assist with the healing process.

Check out my Calendar and see where I am working next, if you are unable to attend a Spiritual Event to enjoy the taste of my Mer Healing I am happy to travel to your home as long as it is within the Plymouth area, if it is over a ten mile journey I will need to ask for a donation toward fuel costs.  However, I do hope you will not let this deter you from giving yourself a much needed treatment.

Mer Healing [aka Mermaid Energy Healing]  is a non-intrusive therapy so there is no need to remove any clothing, this treatment is given with you remaining fully clothed.

If visiting you in your home I can bring my therapy couch for your treatment or if you prefer you can lay on your sofa to receive the treatment, the choice is yours.  I just need you to feel relaxed and comfortable.


90 Minute Mer Healing Session          –          £50.00
60 Minute Mer Healing Session          –          £35.00
30 Minute Mer Healing Session          –          £20.00
Travelling Costs:     Minimum £5.00         

Mer Healing is given using Tuning Forks, Sea shells and other Sound Modalities.