An insight into the Murex [Triton] Shell

A Giant Triton, found in the Far East and South Seas, makes a good trumpet.  [Also called a Conch Shell by many]

Murex Shells are closely related to the Triton Shells.  As per the picture above the large ones make extremely good musical instruments, when blown the noise is similar to that of a trumpet, some might say it sounds like the call of a Seal, as it can give a sort of honking noise particularly until you have managed to grasp the context of blowing it to make an appropriate and acceptable sound.

Ancient Phoenicians and many other Mediterranean people made a purplish dye from a gland in the mantle of the murex.  This colour which was a sort of dull crimson was the ‘royal purple’ and in ancient times it was in much demand for colouring the garments of the kings and nobles.   Continue reading “An insight into the Murex [Triton] Shell”