Stockport Mind Body Spirit Event – September 2017

Stockport – September 2017

My working weekend at Stockport Masonic Hall, Cheshire was full and eventful.  I was blessed to give Mer Healing to many who attended the event and was delighted to receive positive comments from all my clients.   Most people who attended and chose to look at my stand were happy to ask questions and listen to the replies in response to ‘what is Mer Healing?’  A lot were impressed and booked for treatments.  I can’t thank those people enough as the more who receive and understand the more the wonderful energy can be transmitted to others in need of wellbeing enhancement.

Below are a couple pictures taken at this event whilst giving a Mer Healing session to a young lady.

Thank you to all who attended and received treatments.

Blessings to you all.


SeaShell Healing Energy

How many of us love being by the sea enjoying the wonderment of its energy and the peace and wellbeing that seems to emanate from its movement?

I know I find great peace and solitude when in its presence,   At times it feels as if the energy it produces is a warming hug from Neptune/Poseidon himself.

Seashells are born of the sea and they too produce a wonderful healing power cleansing our body and mind of negativity and filing us with an amazing rejuvenating energy.

Next time you visit the beach and find a shell or two sit with it hold the shell in your hand and tune in to its energy, you will be amazed at what you feel.  The energy may feel like a light sizzling sensation tickling your fingers and palm, you may feel a coolness like that of the water or even warmth.   Don’ t force the feeling, just let it be and accept what comes, Continue reading “SeaShell Healing Energy”

Understanding MerPeople

The MerPeople belong to the elemental kingdom and are advanced water elementals, also called Undines.   Half human half fish, they are difficult to see if they remain still as they appear to be as one with the water, so are easier to detect when they move or swim.

The MerPeople who live in the sea tend to be larger than those who live in the lakes and rivers, probably 4-5 feet tall, whereas those who live in the lakes and rivers range from fairy like to 3 feet tall.

The MerPeople who live in the salt water are usually the ones who aid healers with removing and cleansing negative energy. Continue reading “Understanding MerPeople”

Dolphin Reiki

Dolphin Reiki works mainly within the auric field to remove negative imprints collected over time.  The healing will activate and awaken dormant energy, such as in the Ascension Chakra which is located under the breast bone.

This healing is non intrusive and there is no need for physical contact with the client as the therapist will remain still during the session to enable her dolphin pod to connect intuitively within the peripheral of the physical body.  The therapist will only move to another location on the body when sensing the dolphins request this.

It is not unknown for the client to go to sleep during a session, this is okay as it is at this time the Light Master Dolphin heals the client’s higher self.

Shells can also be used during a Dolphin Reiki session as can the use of crystals as these enhance the healing energy. Continue reading “Dolphin Reiki”

Mind Body Spirit Event, Totnes

What a wonderful event at  Seven Stars, Totnes on Sunday 14th May 2017.  The atmosphere created by all those working their magic on this beautiful day was enlightening which encouraged and strengthened the healing energies.  I gave Mer Healing to some terrific clients who all gave me positive feedback.  Thank you to those who attended, those working and to Maria McGladdery for organising this event.  There were many retail stalls offering an abundance of crystals, elemental ornaments, healing oils, various books, Aloe Vera products, jewellery and so much more.  Also Readers offering their mediumship & clairvoyant messages, auragraph readings as well Reflexologists and Reiki Healers.  A truly wonderful day.

Using Colour to Enhance Healing

Using Colour to facilitate healing is not a new concept, it has been used in different forms throughout history and is believed to have been practiced by the ancient culture in Atlantis and in a very powerful way.

All the Chakras are linked to a colour so when a chakra is out of balance, i.e. blocked, treating it with the particular colour associated with it helps to facilitate healing and re-balancing.

When colour is used in healing treatments, all the Colours of the spectrum are utilised: red, orange, yellow, green turquoise, indigo, violet [and magenta, this colour represents the 8th Chakra – the higher self].

Colour comes from daylight, when it is absorbed through the eyes and the skin, it has the power to heal imbalances in the body – physically, mentally and emotionally. Continue reading “Using Colour to Enhance Healing”

How Sound Affects The Body

A well functioning ear is like a battery which changes sound waves into electrical waves. These electrical waves stimulate the cortex [the thinking and learning part of the brain].

Healthy sounds are nutrients that can stimulate the middle ear and charge the nervous system.

Nourishing sounds may allow:

  • Better articulation
  • Improved Sleep
  • Better ability to follow directions
  • Improved auditory comprehension
  • Improved vocal quality
  • Increased balance and co-ordination
  • Improved language
  • Increased attention
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced sound sensitivity
  • Increased frustration intolerance

Sound has a profound effect on living systems, because sound goes direct into the body, it has the ability to nourish or depress the system.

The Vagus nerve which connects to the brain also connects to nearly every organ in the body.

The Vagus nerve is one of a pair of nerves that originates in the Medulla Oblongata, and extends down into the Thorax and Abdomen to innervate the Heart, Lungs and parts of the Alimentary Canal.  

The Vagus nerve carries Motor Neurones to the muscles which facilitate swallowing, and to both afferent Neurones and efferent Neurones of the Parasympathetic Nervous System.  You may notice as people relax more, they swallow more.


My thanks are extended to the following authors for their insight and research into that which I find so interesting and have used in my own search for knowledge.

  1. The How and Why Wonder Book of Sea Shells, written by Donald F. Low, Ilustrated by Cynthia & Alvin Koehler
  2. Ocean Wisdom [Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom] by Michelle Hanson
  3. The Healing Power of Seashells by Daya Sarai Chocron
  4. Ocean Oracle [What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature] by Michelle Hanson
  5. Sea Magic & Connecting with the Ocean’s Energy by Sandra Kynes
  6. Mermaid Magic [Connecting with the Energy of the Ocean and the Healing Power of Water] by Lucy Cavendish & Serene Conneeley
  7. Mermaid Wisdom [Enrich your Life with Insights from the Deep] by Brenda Rosen
  8. How to Fork Yourself by Debbi Walker, BSc [Hons]
  9.  Sound Healing with Gongs – A Gong Book for Beginners by Sheila Whittaker
  10. Gongs and Tam-Tams [A guide for percussionists, drummers & sound healers] by Philip McNamara

Mer Healing using Seashells and Sound

With the aid of the shells we can heal and regenerate ourselves.  The main idea is to create a relaxing, peaceful field of energy with the shells.  As with everything the intent is what is most important and most powerful, believe in yourself and the energy coursing through your body and healing may well be implemented.  If you truly want better health you will achieve it.

Many moons ago the people used shells as receptacles for cooking as well as for decoration purposes and ceremony.  It was a natural way of life to wander the shores of the ocean to look for shells to facilitate their own healing.

As many of you will know our physical bodies are composed of 70% water, for children it is nearer to 90%. The oceans cover about 70-80% of the earths surface so I guess it is no surprise that we are greatly influenced by the element of water.

Shells are a beautiful source of energy for relieving tension and stress in the body as they contain the powerful essence of the oceans that nurture our planet.    Stress is something many of us have experienced in our lifetime, it causes our bodies to tense which affects our physical and emotional movement.  If we choose to ignore the technique of relaxation for too long our body finds it more and more difficult to remember what it should feel like and struggles to return to its natural state.

By using the energy afforded us from the sea and of the seashells we are embracing our well-being and setting the intention of returning our body to its natural state of relaxation. Continue reading “Mer Healing using Seashells and Sound”


Psychic Plymouth MBS at Woolwell Centre – 29th/30th September 2018

Today I have had the most blessed blissful healing from Linda.  You may think that receiving a healing in a busy show isn’t wise.  However, I can assure you it makes no difference whatsoever!  Linda holds you in such a place of serenity and holds the space for you with such finesse that what externally is going on does NOT impact the healing in ANY way.

You come away feeling absolutely fabulous; uplifted and healed.  This was a gift to myself and I am so glad I did receive this beautiful experience.  We as women do not receive as easily as we give and to feed our temple and rejuvenate ourselves is fundamentally important.

I recommend Linda highly.  Find her at her next show!!

Thank you xxx

Natalie – 30/9/18

Continue reading “Testimonials”