Introduction into Seashell Energy mixed with Sound Energy

Workshop held on Saturday 6th October 2018

We were only a small group but I felt this was perfect, everyone was comfortable with each other and the energy generated was peaceful and calm.  We shared our thoughts and responses to the seashells and the energy emitted from them to each person.  All experienced a similar energy response and were amazed with what was received from the shells.

The afternoon commenced with each person present holding a Scallop Shell {a bi-valve shell] closing their eyes and doing their best to connect with the energy of the shell.  After a few minutes they each opened their eyes with beaming smiles on their faces having experienced something they did not know was possible just by holding a seashell.

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Lightfest Ltd MBS – Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton 22nd Sept. 2018

Fabulous day at this event, thank you to Sorrel, Maria & Avril for all their hard work in putting this event together.  I was working here offering my Ocean Energy Sound Healing using seashells and sounds to help restore the body and mind to a peaceful and relaxing state, as well as to give the body a reminder as to what it is like to be operating on ‘all cylinders.’     Those who came to me for a healing session informed me they were feeling re-energised and peaceful.  I was also asked by a few if I would be able to return to the area to give further treatments.

I informed them that I was happy to do so as long as there was space for me to work in and from and as long as there was enough interest.

Stockport Masonic Guildhall MBS 2018

Mind Body Spirit Event 2018 – Event organised by Rosemary Douglas proved to be another resounding success by my personal opinion.

After an amazing journey at the 2017 event I decided to travel the distance from home town Plymouth to Stockport and meet again with these lovely people to introduce my therapy.

I work with Ocean Energy and find it is well received in this area, the people are enthusiastic and heart warming.  They listen and ask questions which in turn enhances my understanding of what is important to them and their needs.

I have noticed at various events I have attended that in a lot of areas people are unsure about things they do not understand but instead of asking questions they avoid speaking with you, I guess it is because they are being drawn out of their comfort zone.  I however, wish they would ask questions and get to understand that no harm is done by doing so.  We often learn from each other when questions are raised.   The people in this area however, are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone thus enhancing my energy and my journey.

Thank you to all who attended and received a treatment or came to my workshops over the weekend.

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The Parkhouse Centre, Bude. Mind Body Soul Event

This event held on Saturday 11th August was organised by a couple called Chris and Carol and it was the first time I had attended this one.  I was lucky enough to have been able to drive down the day before from my home in Plymouth to get my area set up ready for start at 10am on Saturday.

As I knew little about the area I decided to stay over and booked into The Globe Hotel which pleased me as the room was clean and comfortable even if basic, but I could not fault the staff or the breakfast the next day, all was perfect.

Although the hall is well placed it was unfortunate that the weather decided to take a downturn and although people visited it was apparently not as busy as the organisers had hoped.

I was fortunate enough to give my Ocean Energy Sound Healing to a couple of lovely people and received good feed back on the treatment.  I was also delighted when they asked to buy my Guided Meditation CD.

My Stand at MBS Event, Bude


A view of some of the stalls on offer at this event

Ocean Energy Meditation CDs



I am pleased to be able to inform you all that  my first Ocean Energy Meditation CD is now available to order here.


Volume 1 Contents &  Total Recording Time: 59:56

  1.  Chakra Cleansing 10:34
  2. The Hermit Crab 18:00
  3. A Journey with the Golden Sand 16:00
  4. The Coral Cave 14:07
  5. Thank you 1:15


2nd Volume of Ocean Energy Guided Meditations




Volume 2 Contents & Total Recording Time – Total: 69:52

  1. Chakra Cleansing 10:34
  2. A Journey with the MerPeople 13:50
  3. Sea Dragons & Sea Fairies 13:40
  4. Meeting with Neptune 19:35
  5. A Mermaid’s Song 11:46
  6. Thank you 1:47

Mer Healing Taster Sessions for Children

Mer Healing taster session

Whilst working at SWEP’s Mind Body and Soul Event at Exeter Racecourse over the weekend of 21st & 22nd October 2017 I was asked by a couple of parents if I would be willing to explain to their children what I was doing and perhaps give them a taster session.

This was indeed a privilege, the children were very receptive to the treatment session and enjoyed being ‘tickled’ when feeling the energy from the tuning forks used travel up through their body.  I explained why I used seashells to represent the energy of the water [because we are made up of 70/90% water] and why I used the vibrations from the tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and other sounds [because we are also made up of vibration].  They may not have understood exactly what I was saying but they certainly enjoyed their taster session and were in awe of it.

I thank the parents and the dear little boys who trusted me enough to lay on my therapy bed and receive this wonderful awakening.

This little boy’s father gave permission for me to use his sons picture.

Thank you.


2018 Workshop Criteria


Energy Healing with Seashells and Sound

My workshops are designed to help those of you who feel drawn to the seaside, whether it is for the enjoyment and peace felt when walking the beach and feeling the sand between your toes, paddling in the salt waters or looking for the treasures it has to offer.  If you want to explore  the reasons as to why you feel so drawn to its energy then maybe you should book a place at the workshops I am offering.

These workshops are hands on, which mean you will be working with each other.   We will be working with the energy of the seashells and tuning forks and a few other sound instruments.  An introduction into the energy of a few of the shells will be given before working with and on each other.   We will also be cleansing and balancing our chakra’s, another area many of us ignore, possibly because we do not understand their importance to living a balanced life.

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Stockport Mind Body Spirit Event – September 2017

Stockport – September 2017

My working weekend at Stockport Masonic Hall, Cheshire was full and eventful.  I was blessed to give Mer Healing to many who attended the event and was delighted to receive positive comments from all my clients.   Most people who attended and chose to look at my stand were happy to ask questions and listen to the replies in response to ‘what is Mer Healing?’  A lot were impressed and booked for treatments.  I can’t thank those people enough as the more who receive and understand the more the wonderful energy can be transmitted to others in need of wellbeing enhancement.

Below are a couple pictures taken at this event whilst giving a Mer Healing session to a young lady.

Thank you to all who attended and received treatments.

Blessings to you all.


SeaShell Healing Energy

How many of us love being by the sea enjoying the wonderment of its energy and the peace and wellbeing that seems to emanate from its movement?

I know I find great peace and solitude when in its presence,   At times it feels as if the energy it produces is a warming hug from Neptune/Poseidon himself.

Seashells are born of the sea and they too produce a wonderful healing power cleansing our body and mind of negativity and filing us with an amazing rejuvenating energy.

Next time you visit the beach and find a shell or two sit with it hold the shell in your hand and tune in to its energy, you will be amazed at what you feel.  The energy may feel like a light sizzling sensation tickling your fingers and palm, you may feel a coolness like that of the water or even warmth.   Don’ t force the feeling, just let it be and accept what comes, Continue reading “SeaShell Healing Energy”

Understanding MerPeople

The MerPeople belong to the elemental kingdom and are advanced water elementals, also called Undines.   Half human half fish, they are difficult to see if they remain still as they appear to be as one with the water, so are easier to detect when they move or swim.

The MerPeople who live in the sea tend to be larger than those who live in the lakes and rivers, probably 4-5 feet tall, whereas those who live in the lakes and rivers range from fairy like to 3 feet tall.

The MerPeople who live in the salt water are usually the ones who aid healers with removing and cleansing negative energy. Continue reading “Understanding MerPeople”