2019 Spiritual Development Shared Group

In 2019 at the suggestion of a few ladies who attended one of my Ocean Energy Healing Workshops, I agreed to host a shared spiritual development group from my home. I had previously tried to organise such events by booking a hall at Woolwell in Plymouth but unfortunately there were few takers, so the hall was cancelled and I started small groups from home.

The current group meets once a month, suggested because of busy lives by those interested in attending. It is working well I am pleased to say. Costs are nominal, it is more of an exchange of energy really at just £5 per session per person, this helps with the supply of heating when necessary and refreshments.

No matter how much we know or feel we do not know whilst on our spiritual pathway, we all know something and might even surprise ourselves once we get talking as to how much we have already absorbed. We therefore, share what knowledge we have gleaned. This takes the pressure off any one person, as believe it or not, no matter how long each of us has walked the spiritual path, we can still learn more.

Once we each feel comfortable with one another we often surprise ourselves by agreeing to take the Opening Prayer, or giving a Chakra cleanse meditation, etc. No one needs to feel pressurised into performing in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, and no one needs to feel embarrassed as we are in a closed group and everything shared and experienced is for our group alone – no one else. In time however, we do hope you will step out of your comfort zone and have a go as this is the only way we will realise our true potential.

I prefer to keep our group to a maximum of 6 in total [including me] as it then gives each of us a chance to shine in our own right.

If you would like to join us in 2020, please get in touch and let me know of your interest.

You can contact me by Messenger – Linda Joyce, or my email: mail @lindajoyce.co.uk . Dates for 2020 Closed Group Sessions are given in another post.

I look forward to hearing from you.