Introduction into Seashell Energy mixed with Sound Energy

Workshop held on Saturday 6th October 2018

We were only a small group but I felt this was perfect, everyone was comfortable with each other and the energy generated was peaceful and calm.  We shared our thoughts and responses to the seashells and the energy emitted from them to each person.  All experienced a similar energy response and were amazed with what was received from the shells.

The afternoon commenced with each person present holding a Scallop Shell {a bi-valve shell] closing their eyes and doing their best to connect with the energy of the shell.  After a few minutes they each opened their eyes with beaming smiles on their faces having experienced something they did not know was possible just by holding a seashell.

I then replaced the Scallop Shell with a Univalve Shell, each person held either a large Cowrie, a Cinnamon Roll Snail or a Cowrie Helmet Shell.  I asked them to tune in to the shell if possible and then breathe in and out three times, we then went on a journey to cleanse the Chakra Energy Points using their imagination to place themselves inside their selected shell using it as a protection [just like the mullusk] before journeying to each Chakra Centre to cleanse and balance each one.

I explained about certain shells and what they could be used for when offering a healing therapy to an individual.  After discussion on this topic and a comfort break,  I explained the use of tuning forks and other sound instruments to enhance wellbeing and we then proceeded to enjoy a treatment, each person having the opportunity to experience what it is like to receive a treatment using sound and seashells.

At the end of the afternoon, the feedback received was positive and I thank those present for the opportunity afforded me to teach them some of what I am passionate about.