Understanding MerPeople

The MerPeople belong to the elemental kingdom and are advanced water elementals, also called Undines.   Half human half fish, they are difficult to see if they remain still as they appear to be as one with the water, so are easier to detect when they move or swim.

The MerPeople who live in the sea tend to be larger than those who live in the lakes and rivers, probably 4-5 feet tall, whereas those who live in the lakes and rivers range from fairy like to 3 feet tall.

The MerPeople who live in the salt water are usually the ones who aid healers with removing and cleansing negative energy.

St. Germaine and Archangel Sandalphon approached the MerPeople and asked if they would be willing to help humans in cleansing the earth.  They know the MerPeople are natural healers in that they have become experts in removing negative energy from the oceans, for example oil spills and pollutions.  Their response was affirmative and so St. Germaine and Archangel Sandalphon selected a few Master Healers who are either angelic or love the fairy realms to join with each other.  MerPeople characteristics are sometimes compared with the angelic realms.  This is because MerPeople see only love in everyone and they are not used to being around humans.  Fortunately, MerPeople are quick learners and soon discovered that not all people are genuine, so will protect and shield their human healer from negative people and situations.