SeaShell Healing Energy

How many of us love being by the sea enjoying the wonderment of its energy and the peace and wellbeing that seems to emanate from its movement?

I know I find great peace and solitude when in its presence,   At times it feels as if the energy it produces is a warming hug from Neptune/Poseidon himself.

Seashells are born of the sea and they too produce a wonderful healing power cleansing our body and mind of negativity and filing us with an amazing rejuvenating energy.

Next time you visit the beach and find a shell or two sit with it hold the shell in your hand and tune in to its energy, you will be amazed at what you feel.  The energy may feel like a light sizzling sensation tickling your fingers and palm, you may feel a coolness like that of the water or even warmth.   Don’ t force the feeling, just let it be and accept what comes,

We all feel and experience energy in a different way, so whichever way the shell talks to you, accept that as being correct at this time.  We, like the shells, evolve over time so as you tune in more and more to their energy you may find that they speak in a different way and you will grow together.   Enjoy their energy and the love they bring from the ocean, respect them and care for them as they were a living feeling being, as in their own way the still are even though the Molusk they once housed is no longer in residence.  Their energy still remains and can still bring you calm and love.

For many years the Hawaiians studied healing and they encouraged children who shew a natural gift of healing, to work with the shells.  They believed that the mind, body and soul of everyone were interlinked and that the physical body could not be healed without healing the spirit of the person first.  One of their healing methods was to place seashells on the individual to restore spiritual and physical health.

Seashells have the natural ability to disperse negative energy due to their home being the Ocean which is concentrated sea salt.  Negativity cannot penetrate the shell because of its very hard exterior.  Shells can harness and enhance Reiki healing with their size, shape and structure.   When a healer works with the shells their energy assists in cleansing, balancing and harmonising the chakras and the aura.

Place seashells in your home to disperse negative energy held from possible disagreements or from that which has been brought in from visitors. Seashells are self cleansing so there is no need to worry about ‘how do I cleanse them.’  If you really want to cleanse them though, you can soak them in sea salt for a few hours and place them in the moonlight, just like you would for certain crystals.  Let them dry naturally.