Dolphin Reiki

Dolphin Reiki works mainly within the auric field to remove negative imprints collected over time.  The healing will activate and awaken dormant energy, such as in the Ascension Chakra which is located under the breast bone.

This healing is non intrusive and there is no need for physical contact with the client as the therapist will remain still during the session to enable her dolphin pod to connect intuitively within the peripheral of the physical body.  The therapist will only move to another location on the body when sensing the dolphins request this.

It is not unknown for the client to go to sleep during a session, this is okay as it is at this time the Light Master Dolphin heals the client’s higher self.

Shells can also be used during a Dolphin Reiki session as can the use of crystals as these enhance the healing energy.

Benefits of Dolphin Reiki

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Greater love of self
  • Greater acceptance of self
  • Loving relationships
  • Less fear
  • Deeper inner joy
  • Peaceful mind

Dolphin Reiki heals the person as a whole: body, mind, emotion and soul.  It has a wave of energy which is able to pulsate throughout the body to remove negative energy and blockages.  Dolphin healing works on the emotions, phobias and karmic issues of the individual.

Using Seashells with Dolphin Reiki is an uplifting experience for the person receiving the healing.