Psychic Plymouth MBS at Woolwell Centre – 29th/30th September 2018

Today I have had the most blessed blissful healing from Linda.  You may think that receiving a healing in a busy show isn’t wise.  However, I can assure you it makes no difference whatsoever!  Linda holds you in such a place of serenity and holds the space for you with such finesse that what externally is going on does NOT impact the healing in ANY way.

You come away feeling absolutely fabulous; uplifted and healed.  This was a gift to myself and I am so glad I did receive this beautiful experience.  We as women do not receive as easily as we give and to feed our temple and rejuvenate ourselves is fundamentally important.

I recommend Linda highly.  Find her at her next show!!

Thank you xxx

Natalie – 30/9/18

Lightfest Ltd MBS Event held at Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton  on          22nd September 2018

What a superb experience.  Relaxing, balancing, soothing – I feel wonderful! Thank you Linda.


Wow! Amazing experience.  I really needed this.  It was so relaxing and really didn’t want it to end.  I feel amazing.  Thank you Linda.


Thank you so much.  Absolutely Fantastic.  Many blessings and love



The Parkhouse Centre, Bude.  MBS Event – 11th August 2018

A wonderful relaxing experience.  It took me out of my problems and into peace. x

Patricia Hicks


Festival of Angels Event, Weston Super Mare – 7th July 2018

Love the Gong & highly recommend it.

Robyn [7 July 2018]

Thank you so much for my Ocean Healing.  I returned to the sea as a mermaid.

Love & Light,  Lynette [7 July 2018]

Thank you so much, I have never experienced anything like that my body feels great.

Pauline [7 July 2018]

Best sound healing session every, forgot where I was very relaxed.  Good vibrations.  Thank you Linda for such a wonderful experience.

Kelly Farrow [Pauline’s daughter] [7 July 2018]

An absolutely fantastic healing session.  Thank you so much

Dan [7 July 2018]

Wonderful, really enjoyed the treatment and feel energised and fab afterwards.

Kat [7 July 2018]

Wonderful healing & relaxing.  Lots of visions.

Peter [7 July 2018]

AromAware Events, Mount Edgcumbe, Cornwall 30 June/1 July 2018

Wow!! Truly unique experience Linda, thank you.  Feeling like I’ve bathed in the ocean.

Julie {30 June 2018]

So relaxing, felt amazing afterwards.  Thank you.

Gillian [ 1 July 2018]

Truly fantastic!!!  An amazing experience.  Thank you.

Sharon, [1 July 2018]

Thank you,  very interesting and relaxing.

Jill [1 July 2018]

Thank you so much, I have never experienced anything like that, my feels great.

Pauline [1 July 2018]

With every sound I was taken to a new place.  Physically feel the sound waves wash over you. Deeply grounding.  Thank you for this new and unique experience which you have given me and what you have taught me.

Elisha, The Big Sheep MBS. Abbotsham, Bideford [22 Apl 2018]

What a wonderful relaxing therapy, it totally was a fantastic experience – since the treatment I feel calm, happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sheree.  the Big Sheep MBS, Abbotsham, Bideford [22  Apl 2018]

Lovely Healing.  Thank you.

Jan.  The Big Sheep MBS, Abbotsham, Bideford [22 Apl 2018]

Thank you so much.  I stumbled across a real treasure trove finding you Linda.   I feel refreshed, enlivened, cleansed and at peace and freely recommend this amazing therapy by you to all in sundry.  Safe travels and happy healing.

Georgie, The Big Sheep MBS, Abbotsham, Bideford [22 Apl 2018]

So floaty and tranquil, so cleansing and pure.  Completely breathtaking.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.

The Big Sheep MBS, Abbotsham, Bideford [21 Apl 2018]

Thank you so much for this blissful session.  I feel completely relaxed and grateful for having had so much tension and blockages removed.  Wonderful experience.

The Big Sheep MBS, Abbotsham, Bideford [21 Apl 2018]

Lovely and intense experience, really cleared my head and sacrum,  Thank you.


SWEP MBS Exeter Racecourse [22 Oct 2017]

Amazing experience of reconnecting with the sea.  Wonderful relaxing session, uniqueness and personal to each person.   Although you are in a wonderful place with relaxing you feel as if you’re back in your youth with laying on a beautiful beach.  i highly recommend and will be back for more.

Verena Love, SWEP MBS Exeter Racecourse [22 Oct 2017]


Beautiful, soft and powerful experience.  Hit the spot! Until the next time. x

Julie, AromAware MBS, Crocadon event [11th June 2017]

What a beautiful experience.  It really took me away on a wonderful and beautiful journey.

Mark, AromAware MBS, Crocadon event [11th June 2017

My session was very relaxing, beautiful sounds.  Worth having again.

Totnes MBS Event [14th May 2017]

Felt very transported and deeply relaxed. Will look forward to another session.

Totnes MBS Event [14th May 2017]

Absolutely wonderful.  Can’t wait for some more.

Totnes MBS Event [14th May 2017]

A wonderfully relaxing experience bringing back happy memories of family holidays by the sea.  Would thoroughly recommend. Many thanks.

Denise, Taunton Racecourse MBS Event [29th April 2017]

Oh wow! Even in a busy environment I was able to tune out and relax completely.  Very healing.  Thank you so much.

Caroline, Tavistock MBS event [25th March 2017]

Very relaxing and enjoyable.  Brought through memories of The Paladies and Dolphins.  Thank you.

Lizann , Tavistock MBS Event [25th March 2017]

I had a fabulous Mer Healing today with Linda Joyce.  It was such a gentle energy, but full of healing.  I was totally relaxed and very happy and did not want it to end.  After the healing I felt wonderful.

Pam Goodall, Plymouth [18th February 2017]

Oh my word Linda.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for today’s healing. This was like something I have never ever witnessed. The combination of your shells, the sound and the ever changing vibrational feeling within has left me speechless in a good way of course!!. I can still feel the vibration now and wanting to follow it deep within my being.

Thank you again and feel free to use any of this as a testimonial to your magical work. 

I will most definitely be in touch again to book with you.

Julie xxxxxx

Julie Filtness [18th February, 2017]
Slimming World Consultant and Team Developer

I met Linda Joyce through Hillsborough Spiritualist Church in Plymouth.  I have had breast cancer from which I recovered, then two years later I got a secondary tumor which was diagnosed last September and is terminal.  Linda asked me if I had ever heard of a therapy using tuning forks for healing.  The answer was No, she asked would I like to have a treatment with the forks, so I answered with a yes, willing to try anything to help ease the pain and prolong my quality of life.

Linda is very confident working with her tuning forks, you can ask her any question relating to the forks and she is able to explain simply and easily as to how they interact with the problems presented within your body.  It is a totally painless procedure, you feel either deeply relaxed or full of energy or even a mixture of both.  They certainly lift your spirits and fill you with joy.

I love the forks when used with the shells even more as you can feel the frequency of the sound vibrating through an even wider area of the body.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Since I have been having this therapy me appetite has come back, my energy levels have risen daily, mentally a great improvement.  I highly recommend Linda Joyce as a therapist using the tuning fork system.

I feel so well since the treatment began that Linda kindly comes to me on a weekly basis and I am feeling so confident now that all is well.  I am even looking ahead and planning future events.

Maureen Eastland,  Glenholt, Plymouth  [25 Jan 2013]

Linda as a person is very kind, considerate, intuitive, compassionate ‘Gentle’ lady.  These beautiful trates come out when Linda is healing, she is a natural earth mother healer and is very powerful in a ‘gentle’ way.  She has no ego, or judgements, all I feel is Love when she is healing.  Because Linda is a natural sensitive I feel I can open up and discuss all matter of issues, and feel held & heard.

When Linda does the tuning fork treatments, she does so with the utmost compassion.  I instantly feel relaxed & able to explore the sounds in my mind, but also, I feel safe enough to enable any emotions to surface.  I haven’t wanted the treatments to end.  They are so powerful & shift emotions & blocked energy quickly.  I would not hesitate to recommend this lady to anyone who feels they need some healing.

Melonie Broad, Newquay, Cornwall [January 2013]

Dear Linda,

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say THANK YOU so very much for the SOUND HEALING I had the pleasure to experience from you.

I can honestly say that after battling for years with stress and anxiety, tiredness and fatigue, it was the best my whole physical and mental being had felt in many a year.

And, it was the whole being, not just one part. The good sleep afterwards helped too, leaving me feeling alive again and extremely refreshed. I wish you were living closer to enable further sessions and even though there are probably other people in my area who work with the Forks I am absolutely confident that their ability will not match yours for having the knowing of just knowing where to place the sound and vibration for the best effect.

For me personally, it was the placement of the fork on my chest area which seemed to have the most dramatic results. It was so good I almost wishes I could afford to buy one for myself to use regularly.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and will you well in your future career of which I have no doubt you will prove to be in huge demand.

Best wishes, love and light.

Linda Bassett, Yeovil, Somerset [25 January 2013]

Initially I saw a violet pulsating energy in my third eye and I also noticed my breathing started to slow down at the start of the session.  I felt my physical body getting heavier and heavier as I became more and more relaxed.  On a subtle level my energy became lighter and I felt a sense of expansion inside.  I could really feel this subtle shift on a deep cellular level.

My body temperature gradually increased and I felt a tingly sensation in my hands which moved into my feet.  My head became a lot clearer and I felt myself drifting into a higher state of consciousness.  As you stemmed different parts of my body I felt a very strong vibration running through.  When you used the temple fork it felt very different although strong, it felt a distant energy, one that was not familiar to me.  I loved the high vibration of the Isis fork the sound sent a shiver of excitement through me.  I suddenly felt my breathing went very cold and I enjoyed a sense of peace and nurturing.

After the session, I noticed my lower back pain had eased and I felt very relaxed.  Thanks again Linda for the wonderful sound healing. I really enjoyed it.

Beverley Eardley, Saltash, Cornwall [February 2013]

I had my first Mer Sound Therapy with Linda and felt throughout the treatment Safe and Cared for.  I loved especially the integration of the Shells and holding the weighted Om on it.  It vibrated beautifully through my whole body.  Would like more of that.  I felt very relaxed, and went after the treatment to a 2 day retreat in Newquay, so the sound and the healing could go on.  Thank you Linda, you have definitely found your vocation, xx

Christine Star, Plymouth [ 22nd February, 2013]

I received a lovely healing from Linda, this lady has wonderful guidance from spirit, in helping her to assess ones problems – which need help, I was amazed by this gift that Linda holds.  I went into a relaxed trance; – I was in a volcano and I came up to the top of it from the bottom and, I actually saw the beautiful colour of violet, and then pure white just like pure new snow.

Thank you beautiful Lady. xx

p.s. It was a JOY to be in your company.

Paulina Handley, Down Thomas, Plymouth. [27th March 2013]

I found this to be a very deep and ‘releasing’ experience.  I have had many experiences of sound meditation, including sound baths, however, this went deeper than previously experienced.  The connection of water and vibration allowed me to go to a very intense place of total peace and joy.  I found the whole experience to be very healing and beneficial.  I thoroughly recommend it.

Joanna M. Pine,Plymouth [2nd June 2013]

Linda has been giving me Mer Healing for some months now as I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and all I can say is that the Doctors are baffled as to how well I am considering their prognosis.   The medication I am on is making my body swell and at times I am unable to move my limbs easily especially my left arm which is at times so painful I am unable to move it.  Thanks to Linda and her tuning forks combined with the seashells I am always much improved after her visits and find I can move my arm and fingers freely and without pain.   I have told her that I am taking her with me on my next visit to the hospital so she can show the doctors why I believe in this treatment so much, but then I guess I am proof enough, as they cannot fail but to show their surprise as to how well I am,  considering ……

Maureen Eastland, Glenholt, Plymouth. [10th June 2013]

I came to Linda when she was working at Quest in Newton Abbot as I was suffering with a rather painful Achilles Tendon and not sleeping too well because of it.  She felt shecould help and invited me to lay on her therapy bed, after explaining what she would do I closed my eyes and trusted.  She placed seashells on various chakra points and commenced with the treatment.  I heard the sound of the tuning forks at each ear and felt the sensation travelling through my body, when she stemmed the weighted forks using the seashells as an amplifier the vibration seemed to go deeper and wider.  It was a lovely feeling.  She concentrated on my feet each time she changed to a different frequency using a shell as an amplifer.  After the session was over I promised to return the next day to let her know if I slept any better and whether the pain had improved.  I was delighted to be able to return and tell her that I had had the best nights sleep for some time and that I was free of pain.  Thank you Linda.

Bob Asquith-Ellis, Gunnislake [27th July 2013]

Hi Linda

It’s Kate here, you did healing on me at Julie’s psychic development circle at Manadon a couple of weeks ago

I have to say that the healing with forks & seashells was really good & effective – as you know, I had a nasty car accident which left me with several sprains and soft tissue injuries- the effect of your healing has only just begun to fade a bit now, so I’ve had 3 weeks of relief for which I’m really grateful!

I would definitely recommend you to anyone – I was really pleased with your healing and was amazed at how well it worked 🙂

Love from Kate xxx  [2nd August 2013]