Mer Healing using Seashells and Sound

With the aid of the shells we can heal and regenerate ourselves.  The main idea is to create a relaxing, peaceful field of energy with the shells.  As with everything the intent is what is most important and most powerful, believe in yourself and the energy coursing through your body and healing may well be implemented.  If you truly want better health you will achieve it.

Many moons ago the people used shells as receptacles for cooking as well as for decoration purposes and ceremony.  It was a natural way of life to wander the shores of the ocean to look for shells to facilitate their own healing.

As many of you will know our physical bodies are composed of 70% water, for children it is nearer to 90%. The oceans cover about 70-80% of the earths surface so I guess it is no surprise that we are greatly influenced by the element of water.

Shells are a beautiful source of energy for relieving tension and stress in the body as they contain the powerful essence of the oceans that nurture our planet.    Stress is something many of us have experienced in our lifetime, it causes our bodies to tense which affects our physical and emotional movement.  If we choose to ignore the technique of relaxation for too long our body finds it more and more difficult to remember what it should feel like and struggles to return to its natural state.

By using the energy afforded us from the sea and of the seashells we are embracing our well-being and setting the intention of returning our body to its natural state of relaxation.

By incorporating the use of the shells with that of the tuning forks and other sound instruments we are able to enhance the vibration of both as it enters our body’s energy field.  As our bodies are made up of water and sound, it is no wonder these two elements work well together.

The inter-cellular fluid [inside the cell] and the extra-cellular fluid [outside the cell] are both saline solutions – this means they have a certain salty content very much like the ocean water, but not as strong.  It is as if each of us have replayed our own personal creation of the universe and evolution from the sea to dry land as we all began our existence as one celled beings, then left the sea [womb] and were born into an air breathing environment.  It is almost as if we brought the ocean with us on the inside of our bodies with the outer covering of our skin as a sort of dry ‘wet-suit’ to carry the ocean environment for our cells within us.  We are basically water beings on land in an organic dry-land diving suit.

The Ocean Set of tuning forks that I choose to work with during my healing sessions were frequencies that I understand were channeled by Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy.   They were channeled to bring about a sense of distant healing with our ocean.  When these are used near the ocean a feeling of well-being can permeate the body.  If you are at home using them, it can be as though you have brought the ocean energy into your space.  

 OCEAN SOUL – The sound of Atlantis and Lemuria.  The tone of the ancient world.  Brings the internal knowledge to the surface and you can remember your part.  Deep Soul resonates with all the oceans of the world.  We are just ONE.

SEA – Washes away any signs of stress or strains.  Merges the sea energy with the Mother Earth.  Feeling the depths of pureness of home, the ocean.  From  a time so long before.  I AM the sea, the sea is ME.  We are one, we meld, ebb and flow with each moon turn.  It is wild, it is calm, it is free, it is passionate, it is life, it is death.  Home to so many nurturing and nourishing.  Ancient whispers it hears, bathe in the magnificence of the sea of life.

MERMAID – Innocence and fun, deep deep twists and turns, flowing gracefully to the sands of time.  To the place of our ancestors.  The place of knowledge.  Seek into the depths of your own Mermaid Soul and realise the lost knowledge of the sea as home of the wise ways of youthful freedom and longevity.

DOLPHIN – You are being called to help.  By bringing this energetic vibration within you, YOU can raise the collective consciousness to save our species.  Please save us as we are part of who you are.  We swim with you, we heal you, now you can help us to bring the energy back to your seas that so desperately need both our Hearts and Souls to join.   We can use the love and harmony, in the union of our minds to draw together the ancient bond of knowledge.

NEPTUNE – The feeling that emanates from this wonderful sound is unbelievable, it is as if Neptune [also known as Poseidon] is actually there wrapping you in his strong, warm embrace.  When I first made contact with this ancient but most beautiful energy it brought tears to my eyes.  I felt my whole body warm to the vibration it gave out and I could all but feel his love and support.  Neptune will enter your life and give you strength and upliftment whenever you are in need, just listen to his voice and feel the love he sends.  You will certainly feel as if you are walking on air, or maybe swimming in the wonderment of the Oceans.