Understanding the capabilities of Seashells

What better way is there but to connect to the ocean and the water energy than with seashells. Water is the element that represents our emotions. By being in contact with seashells we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity, thus enabling us to expand our imagination and creativity.

We are able to activate the healing process by expressing and sharing our emotions and ideas, not only the healing of ourselves but that of others as well as the healing of the planet.  Seashells enable us to gain clarity and insight so that better decisions can be made.

As you have already been made aware we are made up of between 70-90% water so it should be no surprise that we are greatly influenced by the water element.  The oceans cover about 70-80% of the Earths surface and it is the shells association with these bodies of water that allows them to resonate with the water in our bodies. On a subtle energetic level seashells are a powerful healing tool for both the etheric and physical body.

Seashell Healing uses energy channeled from the Oceans as well as from the Universe itself and is therefore an ideal medium for initiating the healing process. It is a non-intrusive treatment carried out with the recipient being fully clothed and sea shells can be placed on the body at specific points, such as the chakras, meridians and key energy centres. This treatment is similar to that of Crystal Healing, and shells as with crystals can also be placed around the body if preferred, or as well as.

Sea shell healing is a relaxing treatment and an enjoyable experience and when combined with the Sound of the Tuning Forks and other Sound modalities is even more wonderful.  The seashells help to enhance the vibration sending it deeper into and around the body encouraging the healing process to commence.  It encourages relaxation and peace of mind which are important for this process to reintroduce wellbeing to the recipient.