Radiant Shells – Cockle & Scallop

Cockle and Scallop Shells offer relaxation and are wonderful to use on joints such as shoulders and knees to release locks, they are useful for any congested area as they will move energy.

These shells contain a blueprint, a memory pattern of natural harmony.  In layouts they aid in clearing congested cellular patterns and help us to heal faster, to be clear about where we want to go, and to help us get there.

The energy of a Scallop is radiant and healing.

Cockle and Scallop Shells have been used for ornamentation, and currency as far back as 3000 BC.  Cockles are also called Heart Clams because when viewed from the side with both shells intact, they appear heart shaped.  Additionally, they were used in ancient medicine because they were believed to be good for the heart.

Cockles are good to use for centering and calming personal energy.  They also represent new beginnings.