The Water Element

Our body needs water in order to survive, without it we would dehydrate.    We resonate to water.   As a young girl when I walked the quayside I often felt the need to walk down the stone steps into the sea, instead of alongside of it.  I could not understand my urge to walk down these steps, I used to wonder if I did not resist this urge would I find myself walking on the seabed breathing just like the sea creatures; and the mermaids of times gone by.  Alas I never did find out, because my conditioning of my life today, was strong and I avoided the temptation to try – just in case……

I now believe that it was a memory of lifetimes past when I was able to swim in the sea and dive to depths breathing, laughing and enjoying life with my sea friends, just as I do here on the earth.

I undesrtand that some people find it hard to accept that each of us may have had a life before this one, and I honour that, but I do believe that I at least have been here before but in a different form.

We are made up of 70% water without this element we would not survive, so it is no wonder we are drawn to drink it and swim in the wondrous oceans of our earth as well as use it in ceremony and rituals.  Water is used as a symbol in all cultures, Christianity use it for baptism, Islamic people wash their hands and feet before entering a mosque to pray to Allah, Indian people begin each day with a bath, ablutions and prayers.

How many of us love to visit the seaside and stare out at the sparkling ocean when we are feeling low and under par, when we are unhappy and seeking answers?  Many a time in my adult life when I have been unsure of a situation that I needed to address, I found myself wandering around on Plymouth Hoe staring out at the sea asking for its help in guiding me to make the right decision.  I always went home feeling I had achieved something with the help of the powers that be.

If you put a bowl of water on an altar it will invite abundance into your life, because of water all things grow.

Water can take several forms and yet return to its true nature.  The water that flows out of mountain rocks forming waterfalls often grow into rivers, those rivers pour their water into the oceans and the heat of the sun converts the salty water into vapours and clouds, and the clouds pour their sweet nectar, the water, back to our Earth in the form of rain.  How wonderful is that, the cycle of life, of water.

                            ‘ There is nothing constant in the universe,

                              All is ebb and flow, and every shape that’s born,

                              bears in its womb the seeds of change.’

                                                                                                      Ovid [Metamorphoses]