Healing with a Difference

I'm no ordinary girl
I'm from the deep blue underworld
Land or sea, the world's my oyster
I'm the pearl.... No ordinary girl

Registered Practitioner of Holistic Therapies

When the soul has been wounded and the sun is keen to surface in the dark there is one place I go to, that place fills the earth's land with moisture and water, that changes the coast in a dream, that place the ancients call mother of mothers, the ocean....

Natural Therapies

A range of therapies are available. I am qualified in a number of holistic and alternative therapies, but my favourites are Sound Healing (with the aid of tuning forks), Mer Healing (with sea shells) and Colour Therapy.

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The Universal Greeting

I offer you peace
I offer you friendship
I offer you love
I hear your needs
I see your beauty
I feel your feelings
All wisdom flows from the Highest Source
I honour that Source in you
Let us work together
For you are my own true self

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